INDONESIA HAVE A GOOD RECORD IN cage Pursue TRIUMPH “Team Red – White” must not be conceded and scored first “

Indonesia will lead the fight live – dead at Bung Karno Main Stadium in the second game AFF Cup final. On December 29, 2010 0-3 defeat during a match at Stadium Bukit Jalil, Mingg December 26, 2010, makes the Word Utina and friend – friend must pursue a goal deficit. Kemenagan die in the game so the price of such determination.
Moreover, Indonesia has a good record every mkali compete in SUGBK. Always win over the allowance and the semi-finals, and only conceded two goals and scored 15 goals. At least this could be the capital of the care team Alfred Riedl.
Word is expected to lead colleagues – colleagues with better and not repeat past mistakes in the first final. Moreover, he has strengthened the determination and motivate colleagues – colleagues. Tranquility is very necessary to first title dipertandingan later. Although komposisis team will change with the absence of energetic wing, Oktovianus Maniani, due to card accumulation. But Alfred was wise Preparing Suyono as his successor.
Agility and acceleration wise frequent combing of the wing is expected to dismantle Malaysia’s defense. Additionally, it will display the aggressive game by emphasizing the aspect of defense to be more solid. Pertandinagn Indonesia against Malaysia was stopped in the middle of the first half after Mark protest because there is a laser beam that interfere with vision. Armpit beat Malaysia 2-0 in the first semi-final at the Bukit Jalil.
Entering the second half, the situation has not changed much. Indonesia is increasingly difficult to seize opportunity. However, the concentration of the national team again broke dimenit the 50th when the face again fired upon by a laser mMarkus supporters host. Laga also had to stop about 10 minutes and Indonesian players could withdraw to the edge of the field. But although Indonesia fight back as his home Mr AFF final against Indonesia in the second with goals 2-1 and was Malaysia who obtained the victory does not mean Indonesia discouraged but adds its own motivation to become better again and Indonesia Proud because their national team compete with sportsmanship .
Source reference: Top Score (Daily Sport First in Indonesia)
Name: Martha Kristiani K.
NPM: 20208776


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