Sleep is a necessity of life that is very important. In the day, everyone needs a quarter to a third of his time to sleep. If there is disturbance in sleep, then the day – hi someone will be slower and less passionate .. Ranging from mild to sleep disorders sleep problems are quite serious.
By definition, insomnia is a symptom of sleep disorders in the form of kesuliatan repeatedly to go back to sleep or maintain sleep until sufficient although there kesdempatan for it .. Factor – the main factors that affect sleep disorder is usually a psychological disorder (psychiatric) disorders such as biological or psychological stress due to physical health problems. Sepelekan Never sleep disorders, because over time it results in reduced immunity to a person an opportunity for the emergence of various diseases. In addition, lack of sleep due to difficulty sleeping will affect one’s emotional stability and thus affects the activities of daily life – a day like the decline in the level of motivation, concentration, precision, creativity to work productivity.

1. Set a strict sleep schedule
Sleep is a time lag that can not be avoided in 24-hour cycle of biological processes of the human body. Specify also the lost sleep time, is useful for programming systems of the body rhythms.
2. Create a comfortable bedroom
Armpit to sleep then get ready for bed. Do not while watching television, phone, reading, working, and typing. Change the bedroom so fun. If necessary, install a thick curtain to prevent the entry of light. Tenagkan mind, try to forget the tension or pressure experienced by diving activities from morning to evening.

3. Warm bath before bed
Warm water bath will meningakatkan body temperature, eliminate fatigue and make the body become refreshed. Therefore, avoid the bathroom just before bed. Wash four or five hours before bedtime.
4. Negotiations with the doctor
Certain medications such as inhalers in penderiat asthma can cause sleep disorders. Kaarena that, for someone who is suffering from sleep disorders and prescription from a doctor mendapatka sealu routinely ask about side effects of your routine medications.
5. Check your work schedule
In a person with no fixed work schedule, sometimes – sometimes morning, sometimes – sometimes the night can cause sleep problems. The effect is similar to the fatigue caused by jet lag. In the long term it will disrupt sleep mechanism. For that, try to get a regular work schedule.
6. Moderate exercise by road – the road around neighborhood
Moderate exercise such as walking the afternoon around the neighborhood will make your body into shape and help a person can enjoy better sleep. Perform regular rhythm of the body’s biological processes becomes more stable and avoid exercising too impose themselves. (From various sources).

Name: Martha K. Christian
NPM: 20208776
Class: 3Eb06
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