A Trip to Cipanas

Nama : Martha Kristiani K.
Kelas : 3EB06
NPM : 20208776
On Sunday Irwan anad Mira got up at six in the morning. They took a bath and got dressed. Mrs. Zanal heard them and said, “Come ad have your breakfast now. Father is waiting for you. Well be leaving early. Remember?”
“All right, Mother,” Irwan replied. After breakfast they all got into the car. They left Jakarta at half past seven. Mr. Zainal drove the car. Mrs. Zainal sat in front, to. Irwan and Mira sat at the back. They sang songs along the way. Mr. zainal drove very fast. They got to Cipanas at ten and stooped in front of the market. Mr. Zainal dove the car into a parking lot.
Irwan jumped out of the car and opened the door for Mrs. Zainal. They all went for a walk first and looked at the President’s palace in Cipanas. At twelve o’clock they had lunch at Hotel Pendawa. Then Mrs. Zainal went to the market. The vegetables and fruit in Cipanas were very good. She bought tomatoes, carrots, and oranges.
They went back to Jakarta at four in the afternoon. Mrs. Zainal gave out some of the fruit and vegetable to their next-door neighbors.
Listen to some questions about Zainal family. Then choose a,b,c,or d for the correct answer.
1. What time did Irwan and Mira get uo on Sunday? They got up….
a. At 6.00
b. At 6.30
c. At 6.45
d. At 7.00
Answer : a. At 6.00
2. What did the Zainal family do after breakfast?
a. They got into the car and went to Cipanas.
b. They went to the market and bought some fruit and vegetable.
c. They got into the car and went to Jakarta.
d. They went for a walk and then had lunch.
Answer : a. They got into the car and went to Cipanas.
3. How far was Cipanas by car?
a. 4 hours.
b. 2 hours 30 minutes.
c. 10 hours.
d. 3 hours 30 minutes.
Answer : b. 2 hours 30 minutes.
4. Where did the car stop when they got to Cipanas? It stopped…
a. In front of the parking lot
b. In front of Hotel Pendawa
c. In front of the market
d. In front of the President’s Palace
Answer : c. In front of the market
5. What id they do first? They…
a. Went for a walk
b. Had lunch
c. Went to a hotel
d. Went to the market
Answer : a. Went for a walk
6. Where did they have lunch? They had lunch…
a. At the President’s Palace
b. At the market
c. In the parking lot
d. At Hotel Pendawa
Answer : d. At Hotel Pendawa
7. What did Mrs. Zainal buy in the market? She bought…
a. Lunch
b. Vegetables
c. Fruit
d. Vegetables and fruit
Answer : d. Vegetables and fruit
8. What time did they leave Cipanas? They left Cipanas at…
a. 12 o’cock
b. About 9 o’clock
c. 3 o’clock
d. 4 o’clock
Answer : d. 4 o’clock
9. Come and have your breakfast now (paragraph 1). Your in that sentence refers to…
a. Mira
b. Irwan
c. Mira and Irwan
d. Mira and Irwan and Mr. Zainal
Answer : c. Mira and Irwan
10. The President’s Palace is probably…..
a. A very large hotel
b. A very large market
c. A very large house
d. A very large temple
Answer : c. A very large house


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