Our Zoo

Maria’s class is going to visit the zoo.Our town has a big zoo with lots of animals in it. Tere are some beautiful tigers and two old lions. Lions and tigers are fierce animals, so when they are in zoo, they live in string cages. They eat a ot of meat every day.
There are also two big elephant and baby one. Maria wants to ride on one of the elephants. The elephants are tame and kind. They eat a lot of grass every day. They like children because they sometimes give them bresd and bananas. Elephants like bananas very much.
In our zoo there are also brown bears, black bears and white bears. They like cake very much.
There is also a children’s Corners in our zoo. There children ride horses and donkey and watch the monkeys. The monkeys are very funny. They climb up ropes and jump down again and play with each other like small children. They love nuts and bananas and bread. Maria is Going to take a basket to the zoo.with stale bread, cake, nuts and a bunch of bananas.

Nama : Martha Kristiani K.
NPM : 20208776


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