Our Newspaper

owdayas there is a great number of newspaper published in our contry. Almost in each province we have one or more newspaper published dailiy.There are two types of newspaper : National and regional newspaper. National newspaper report the news based on what happens in the entire country. Regional newspaper report the news from the province or a certain city or town. But both types of newspaper describe what happens in the country and in other countries.
The arrangement of the newspaper usually conssits of headlines, editorials, articles, classfied ads, sports, and lighter sides. The hidelines are usually important pieces of news of the day. The editorial expresses the nwespaper opinion on acertain issue. The article can be in various forms : economy and bussiness, development,religion,law, crime, and any other aspects people affair’s. The classified ads contain various announcements and advertisiments for job vacancies, services, offers, bargains, sales and other odd needs. The sports page informs the reader of various news and events on sports, name of athletes and their achivements, and others. The lighter side usually contains fun items such as puzzles, crossword pieces, jokes, anecdotes, etc.
What ever form and type newspaper takes, it must prepare and present the news as interestingly as possible. We have the belief that the newspaper must inform our people about our development programs. Although there are many kinds of newspaper, all of them are important for us. They help us keep up with what is happening around us.

Nama : Martha Kristiani K.
Kelas : 3EB06
Npm : 20208776


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